U.S. Open notes: Casey on the bat

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Casey Martin explained he had much fun taking part in within the U.S. Open up this weekend that he may try and qualify once again following yr if his timetable as Oregon men's golfing mentor allows.

dissatisfied appropriate now but they're encounters that don't appear close to quite frequently," explained Martin, who missed the lower. "It's a special week. The most important thing is definitely considering like a wonderful participant."


Jim Furyk has
noticed which the huge vast majority of spectators with the Olympic Club are seeing the seventh, eighth, seventeenth and 18th holes - due to the fact they're the ones closest for the clubhouse. The golfing program stairsteps down a hillside with holes 11 by means of fifteen on the bottom. In case you go down there, it indicates an extended climb back to the clubhouse.

give them credit score. These Californians are wise," Furyk mentioned. "They appear to be hovering up there."

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could be winner

If the 3rd round commenced Saturday, Tiger Woods, David Toms and Jim Furyk have been tied for the lead at 1-under. Not even 1 other participant inside the discipline that began at 156 was at par. And par is shaping around become a ultimate score that may be all it will require to win.

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