3 Steps to Be a Good Golfer

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I like golfers to view a golf shot, as basically taking four steps.


Step one would be to take the grip. And when you take the grip, you really need to look at your hands. You need to look down and focus on them. Are the hands in the position that you want them to be in? And I like to see people with a neutral grip, so that as they swing the club, the club face is changing in relation to them during the swing. I really like to focus on Step two. And some people don’t do this in the right sequence. Other people do it too casually, in my opinion. So Step two is to align the club face on target. Once I get the grip, and I like to also look at the leading edge of the club face at this point to make sure that that club faces square in relation to my grip. So it’s not closed or open.


Step two, here’s your procedure. You come walking up to the area of your stance, but you’re looking at the target the whole time. There’s a blue post out in the range I’m going to aim at. I notice there’s sun on the left side, there’s shade on the right side. So I’m really trying to focus at that particular spot. And the good thing that this does, not only does it fix the location in my mind, but if I’m really trying to focus and see that target, I’m not seeing other things. I’m not seeing problems on the golf course or places that I don’t want to go. So I’m seeing that. Now I look down, place the club head on the grass. And I’m trying to aim that club face directly at the target. I want the leading edge of the club face and the shaft to be perpendicular to the target line, going right toward that blue post. Once I get Step two completed and the club’s in position, now the club must stay absolutely still.


Step three is I square myself up to the club. So I arrange myself in relation to the club, and then I’m in position. Once my feet are in position, then I can waggle and do whatever I need to do. And, of course, the final step is to produce the swing the way that you want to produce it. But really give some attention to Step two when you’re on the golf course. If you’re not aiming at the flag stick, if it’s a tee shot, maybe there’s a house, or a tree, or something in the distance, really see that thing as you’re walking up to it and keep checking it to get your club face on target.


Source from: golftips.com

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