What Can ping g15 hybrid Offer for Player?

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With a club as easy to hit as the G15 hybrid, why fight a difficult long iron? The new Ping G15 hybrid offers great distance, incredible forgiveness, and loads of versatility in a new package.


Normally, hybrids fit in great with this demographic, though there are always golfers who want to play long irons over the hybrid counterparts. The G15 hybrid might be that perfect blend of iron and hybrid that changes some players' minds. I can now cover that 180 to 190 yard shot with this club. Ball get up quick with high flight and lands soft.


To be completely honest, I wasn't very comfortable with the long iron replacement at first. Luckily, first impressions don't equate to the lasting opinion, and this club is proof of that. The club is light with the head able to get through the rough better than any other hybrid I have tried. Easy to swing and hit the ball consistently and very forgiving.


I don't see this is as a negative because I believe this club would be an exceptional choice for any mid- to high-handicapper who fights consistency with their long irons and/or an uncontrolled fade/slice. The flip side of this is the reduction in workability that I mentioned; however, this club is geared towards the golfer that shouldn't be concentrating on working the ball as much as they should be concerned with going straight.


All in all, I was happy with the appearance of the hybrid, as I'm normally partial to any red and black color scheme. The color, along with the flat, uncluttered sole left me very happy with the overall appearance of the club and should please most traditional players.

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