Luxury Club: Ping G20 irons

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I'm a 8 handicap and hit all my clubs pretty good, been playing Ping for years.  In April I bought a set of Ping g20's. I was so excited to have the clubs.

The first thing I noticed is that I started hitting a trap draw, with side spin. I hit some of the best shots of my life. More, and more I noticed that I was leaving the ball right side, and when I started to aim mid green, the trap draw would occur more often than not.

The G20 has a wider sole than its predecessor, particularly in the toe area, which increases the moment of inertia and forgiveness of the iron. At address the clubhead sits very well behind the ball, although in some of the longer irons you can see the back of the cavity, which may not appeal to all.

The sound and feel of the Ping G20 irons at impact were every bit as good as the G15 and the flight was maybe slightly higher thanks to the extra weight in the sole. However get custom fitted by Ping to and you will get a set of G20 irons that will help you get the distance and trajectory to suit your game.

The G20's are tons easier to hit. The ball flights 20% higher. The longer irons are sooo much better that it’s weird. To be honest, the 9, W, U of the i20's are better, but they are not much better than the G20's. The 4,5,6,7,8 of the G20's are light years better than the i20's.

I have the luxury of having the g20 irons of choice in my bag. I am very plesed with it.

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