An anti-slice club--Ping k15 driver

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When Ping launched their K15 driver for sale as an anti-slice club there would have been a few Ping loyalists worried about how the driver would look. But thankfully Ping have managed to squeeze the anti-slice properties into a clubhead that looks inviting to hit for even the most traditional of golfers.

Designed to cure a slice, the Ping K15 driver is set up with more weight in the heel but despite that it has been created so that any level of golfer can use it. Ping engineers created Straight Flight Technology which places approximately 10 per cent of the entire mass of the head in the heel which helps to square the clubface up at impact.

The new K15 has been engineered with 10% of the head mass in the heel, making it considerably easier to square the head at impact, thus eliminating the dreaded slice. Regardless of handicap, if you do struggle at times to contain a slice, this is arguably the best driver out there and what’s even more brilliant about it is that it doesn’t look horrendous, unlike many of the anti-slice predecessors.

The large profile 460cc head features a clubface that is longer from heel to toe, which means the MOI is greater across a wider area of the face – this translates to more distance even when you don’t get the ball out of the middle. The centre of gravity is also positioned low and deep in the head which means the Ping k15 hybrid offers a powerful, high ball flight.

To sum up, this club is amazing. I now can pick out which side of the fairway to put the ball, consistently at 300 yards or better with no run (soft, winter fairways right now!).

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