What Golf Clubs are used in the 2012 Ryder Cup?

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Equipment plays an important role in every round of golf on tour. Let’s take a look at what clubs some of the biggest names will be using in the 2012 Ryder Cup.

Tiger Woods
I think even most non-golf fans know that Tiger Woods is a Nike man. When you look through his equipment list, you see exactly what you’d expect. Nike all the way through, from his hat to his shoes and everything in between. His driver is the Nike VR Tour, and he plays the VR Pro Blade irons. Tiger is famous for having his clubs customized and tweaked, so I would imagine the clubs in his bag bear very little resemblance to those ones you’d find on the rack.

Rory McIlroy
The world’s number one player is similar to Woods in that he uses one brand throughout the bag – however, McIlroy’s choice is Titleist. Those huge drives are coming off of his Titleist 913 D3 driver, and all of those putts have been holed using his Scotty Cameron by Titleist GSS. He has Vokey wedges, Titleist MB irons, and plays the Pro V1x.

Sergio Garcia

Mr. Ryder Cup himself has taken to the podium as an individual this season, winning at the Wyndam Championship. Sergio’s weapon of choice is TaylorMade, and he stays consistent with them through the bag. He is using the Penta TP golf ball, and rolling it with a TaylorMade Ghost Tour MA-81 putter. His driver is the cheap R11S driver, 3-wood is the taylormade rbz driver, and 5-wood is the TM Burner SuperFast. He plays TM Tour Preferred MB irons, and TM ATV wedges.

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