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Mizuno Golf Introduced the new Mizuno MP-58 irons with revolutionary Dual Muscle Titanium Technology. It achieves the rare combination of a penetrating ball flight, increased MOI, and superior feel.

Many people say they got too much going on as far as the titanium insert which I think makes the club look better, and at address, they look nothing short of a blade with maybe a little thicker top line. Basically the same feel of a quality forged club with a HOTface. Shots just rifle through the air. Shaping shots is not a problem either, these things are deadly accurate if you put a good swing.

The second of the Reading-based company's new irons in the consistently excellent MP range, the Mizuno MP-58 perfectly complements the Mizuno MP-68 irons. It’s a classic 'good cop, bad cop' scenario. Where the MP-68 is tougher, meaner and leaner, a club that demands absolute respect, the MP-58 is a little more easy going, a little easier to deal with, yet no less compromising.

 The key to this decision is weight. Titanium is 40% lighter than steel yet it retains the density required for a solid strike. This removal of mass allows weight to be spread across the clubhead, widening the sweetspot, but without moving the CG (centre of gravity) too far away from the clubhead, thus ensuring a lower flight and plenty of workability.

At impact, the feel is incredibly solid, markedly different from the cheap MP-68 irons, which is much softer and more buttery. Despite what Mizuno says about a penetrating flight, I found the trajectory higher than the MP-68, but given that it is designed to offer a little bit of help, that is surely no bad thing - particularly if the towering iron shot is just your thing.

The cheap MP-58 irons also feels more powerful, like there is more spring off the face. You can almost feel the acceleration off the clubface, where with the MP-68 the sensation is one of being cushioned. In the looks department it’s another definite winner, with a stunning clubhead giving real confidence at address.

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