Amazing clubs: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Driver

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I bought this cheap burner 2.0 driver 2 weeks ago, all I’ve to say is one word “Amazing”. I’m 51 years old male weighing 163 pounds and a height of 5’9” I shoot in mid 80’s this driver has added 20 yards to my game.

Now I can consistently drive on an average of 250 yards in the fairway which is great for me. The ball just takes off like a rocket. In terms of weight this is the lightest driver I came across. The sound is slightly different from the other drivers but who cares if with a smooth swing you can drive 250 yards.

Before settling for this I tried TaylorMade R11 driver, Nike MachSpeed STR fit and Callaway RAZR none of them matched the distance of SuperFast 2.0. My theory is Drivers like R11 and callaway razr fit driver have too many contraptions such as changing draw, fade, different angles. This adds air pockets in the driver which does not have a solid contact and hence a loss of distance.

The Burner 2.0 driver for sale features a large 4,550 square millimetres face and low-drag aerodynamics that are designed to increase swing speed, a higher launch angle and lower spin-rate. Two distance-producing technologies combine to make this high-MOI driver five yards longer than the original Burner SuperFast.

The high-MOI titanium clubhead features TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology. Milled into the back of a clubface, the Inverted Cone expands the area of the face that delivers high ball speed, meaning more distance and ball speeds on off-centre strikes. The SuperFast’s claim to fame is an extremely light total weight with a longer shaft to produce faster ball speeds and reduced spin.

This is just my theory and my evidence is my own driving distance after trying the above mentioned drivers. If someone is looking for an excellent driver and cheaper this is the one to buy.

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