Mizuno MP-59 Irons with Awesome Looking and Superior Feeling

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If you have never hit Mizuno, you need to find a set to try out, any forged set will do, but the cheap MP-59 irons should be at  the top of your list to try.

For starters, these are pure Mizuno. They have that clean look when it comes to graphics and are grain flow forged for that soft pure feel at impact. The thicker Ti Muscle material behind impact ensures that the centre of gravity is located closer to the clubface, which allows better players the ability to work shots whilst still offering the forgiveness of the cavity-back design.

At address the MP59 have a larger head than the previous model and this is a welcome change, especially in the long irons, which now look much more appealing. The location of the titanium Ti Muscle behind the impact area ensures that the centre of gravity is located closer to the clubface and improves stability which allows Mizuno to reduce the offset.

The sole is a little wider than before and you might expect this to launch the ball quite high, but we found that was not the case. The flight was similar to the Mizuno MP-69 irons and the forgiveness is excellent for a forged iron of this size.

The Mizuno MP-59 irons are not only Mizuno's next generation of great looking forged cavity back irons but also as their latest offering with Ti Muscle™ Technology. Mizuno utilizes a titanium insert because it's less dense than steel. According to Mizuno, the lightweight characteristics of the pure titanium allows them to place the extra grams on the toe and heel of the club, creating greater perimeter weighting.

Compared to the previous cheap MP-58 irons, the ball speed is a little faster and the feel is much better right through the set. The appearance of the MP-59s is also improved by reducing the offset as a result of this improved stability. Thanks to the help of Mizuno's Tour Staff, the MP-59 iron now features a thinner top-line, a weightier sole and a new sole grind.

If you are single figure or mid handicapper who prefers a blade looking iron then these are one of the best feeling and most forgiving irons of this style in the market, so check them out.

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