Big Clearance Sale: Taylormade R7 Limited Driver

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The TaylorMade R7 Limited Driver is one of the most iconic in golf. Now we are having a big clearance sale.


As well as a design overall the Taylormade R7 driver is now more adjustable than ever with interchangeable weight cartridges affecting left-to right trajectory by up to 35 yards either way! The TaylorMade R7 Limited looks awesome too thanks to a new radium ion finish and subtle graphics - a step back from the current trend of in-your-face clubhead design.


The TaylorMade R7 head is longer than the R7 Superquad too which gives it a deeper centre of gravity to increase forgiveness, while it comes with a range of new shafts to increase ball carry. The shape of the driver take some getting used to, but after a handful of rounds, you don't really notice the triangular shape. This driver has a lot of pop and increased my distance. However, it took a good amount of range- work to hone in the shot shape that I wanted.


This driver is comparable to the burner 2009 driver. It has similar looks but has a different sound. It is a bit louder. It provides the same distance and control. I love the styling. It is triangular yet rounded at the edges. I like the ability to adjust the weight distribution. It helps shape your shot and trajectory. It feels very balanced. The shaft weight and head weight seem to work to give you a good feeling swing.


This is a perfect club for a beginner golfer or a player that tends to spray the ball all over the course.  More information in

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