How does TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons Feel?

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Much of the online chatter surrounding the TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons has backed up what TaylorMade is marketing: higher trajectories, increased distances and improved accuracy and control.


The first thing I noticed was the 'jump' off of the club face. I noticed the lower center of gravity quickly as well-hit 5-irons were launching like a 6-iron. I also took notice of the irons' forgiveness. Even on bad swings, the ball launched and flew well. The technology and design behind the irons seem to make it easy to hit a ball well.


The key to the Rocketbladez irons is the Speed Pocket. In the 3-7 irons, the Speed Pocket and the club head's ultra-thin face work together to promote consistently high ball speed and distance. The distance behind the irons is also helped by TaylorMade's unique Inverted Cone shape design and a high rate of MOI (Moment of Inertia).


During my testing, I tried to focus on and learn the benefits of the SpeedPocket. On a good swing, you can feel the pocket working as a 'hinge' of sorts to help add launch and trajectory to your impact. On bad swings, I didn't see the SpeedPocket making a difference, despite what Golfweek's James Achenbach mentioned in his lengthy review of the Rocketbladez: "According to TaylorMade, the Speed Pocket is especially effective on impacts made low on the face. With long irons and mid irons, most mis-hits by amateurs occur below the center of the face. TaylorMade promises more ball speed and distance on those mis- hits."


All told, the bulk of the head's weight is located lower than other irons, meaning the sweet spot and launch angle are all gearing your swing on a much higher launch angle, trajectory and peak. The Rocketbladez feature a much thinner face that the previous Taylormade RocketBallz RBZ irons and a six-percent lower center of gravity that its predecessor.


"The Rocketbladez come with a load of performance both in distance and consistant distance," said Brian Bazzel, Product Creation Manager for TaylorMade. "But even above that is it gives you a higher trajectory and improved feel by the way we treat the pocket in the back of the cavity."

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