Luke Donald are Using newest Mizuno MP-64 irons

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Every few months one company or another is debuting the latest and greatest in golf technology. While their presence on tour may not be quite as big as some of the other companies, one of the games best, Luke Donald, is on staff and with his input, Mizuno has released their latest iron for the better player, the MP-64 Irons.


Like all irons from Mizuno, the company allows for custom options. Off the rack, the Mizuno MP-64 irons come stock with the True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts; however, I was looking for something a little different this time around and decided to go with the KBS Tour in a stiff flex and had them soft stepped once.


The MP-64 features a double nickel mirror chrome finish and offers slightly more forgiveness than a traditional blade thanks to the shallowest of cavities. The smooth look and feel is complemented by a softer, edged, playable sole shape. The tour grind is maintained, while less defined edges produce more consistent distance control and turf interaction.


If you have read any of the other reviews I've written, you'll know that I'm a fan of sleek and simple designs. These clubs are exactly that. The irons have a beautiful mirrored finish with only three markings on the back of the club. When set up at address, the grooved portion of the face has a satin finish which frames the ball very nicely. To me, these clubs look like a combination of last year's Mizuno MP-63 irons.


As I said earlier, these clubs will let you know when you miss it and when you don't and while that can hurt you on the course, I appreciate it on the range. It's also out on the range that I noticed both the dispersion of shots and distance control is very good. I felt like my ball was landing in the the same spot (within a few yards) time after time when swinging well.


For me, the MP-64 heads with these shafts give me the trajectory that I'm looking for when I make solid contact. In my opinion, these clubs more than live up to the company's reputation.

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