The RocketBallz fairway wood Replaces Popular Burner clubs

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As we know that was not the case. RocketBallz was the name of the new line and the TaylorMade executives were proud of their new baby. The cheap RocketBallz fairway wood line has received a majority of the buzz from the new products that have been released this year.


The RBZ (RocketBallz) sole is engineered to be thin to incorporate a higher trampoline effect. The most noticeable feature to create some flexibility in the sole is the the Speed Pocket running parallel and just behind the face. The pocket is very deep and TaylorMade says it improves the sole geometry to increase ball speed and COR (Coefficient of Restitution).


The face is slightly deeper and bigger than the Burner 2.0 australia, which aids forgiveness. Shots from the bottom of the face fly noticeably further than previous models. The high launch 3-wood is almost 4-wood like in loft, but also produces a powerful flight. The flight with the standard 3-wood is almost driver-like in flight, and in the run it produces.


The TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ fairway wood is fitted with the standard Matrix Ozik XCon 5 shaft, which weighs just 50 grams. Along with the lightweight head and shaft this is designed to increase distance. The shaft is available in four flexes (S, R, M and L). 


Perhaps surprisingly for a white-headed club this looks traditional at address, which suggests we are becoming used to the white wood design. The graphics don't distract at all. The white head and black face combination of the RocketBallz RBZ fairway wood is designed to aid alignment and reduce glare. A weight port in the sole is positioned close to the face to improve ball speed.


TaylorMade also created more speed by constructing a deeper face. From a speed standpoint, the face structure is defined by the height because that's the shortest span. TaylorMade says the bigger you can make the face the larger you make the trampoline. More spring-like effect equals more distance. This is something that has never been done before in steel fairway woods.


Each RBZ fairway wood has technology that will boost your ball speed and help you pick up some well deserved yardage. I would definitely recommend giving these clubs a try.

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