2013 Golf Driver Review: XXIO MP-700 Driver

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The XXIO MP-700 Driver is here. In Japan, this XXIO golf club quickly made it’s way to the top-selling wood in the country, capturing a staggering 39% of the market and making it the best-selling XXIO driver to date.


One of the appeals of the XXIO MP-700 is the Head CG Design. This moves the center of gravity closer to the grip, giving golfers more control and creates greater swing speed. This is also supposed to help reduce off-center hits by bringing the golfer closer to the ball.

1. Higher on-center hitting ratio
Increasing head speed while at the same time shortening club length makes it easier to swing, reducing strike point variation
2. Deep CG head design for higher launch angle

Auto Power Impact suppresses spin and imparts a higher launch angle to hit the ball farther, similar to hitting the ball with an upward blow.
3. Optimised CG positioning design for long-hitting at square impact
A low-density titanium body is used to shorten the CG distance on the club face, for a remarkable improvement in getting the head square at impact.
4. CG distance on club face shortened by use of SUS weight and thickening of the area near the heel
Puts a draw spin on the ball, for a major increase in flight distance even among golfers who tended to fade with the previous model
5. Exhilarating impact sound that foretells a great shot and makes you want to hit more
The new sole crown rib design and new high-pitch sole design work together to create XXIO's best impact sound ever.
6. Higher MOI for long, stable flight
T9S titanium employed - lower density than the previous model, with the weight distributed to the periphery of the clubhead for higher MOI

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