New RBZ Stage 2 fairway wood Released

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TaylorMade has unveiled RBZ Stage 2 fairway wood. Key to the performance gains of RBZ Stage 2 fairways is high-strength TaylorMade RocketSteel, which creates a thinner and faster-flexing face.


The high-strength steel, TaylorMade's RocketSteel, used in the RBZ Stage 2 fairway made by Carpenter™, produces a face that is thinner and faster-flexing. Combine the RocketSteel with an improved Speed Pocket, and the flex offered in the face of the RocketBallz Stage 2 is clearly built for speed and distance.


The club features a low clubhead profile than before, as well as a shallow and low CG (centre of gravity), which TaylorMade engineers claims improves the club's playability and ease of launch. Well, the extra loft of the 4-wood gave him a softer landing trajectory than his 3 wood so he can stop it better on all these par-5 greens he can reach in two shots now.


TaylorMade promised us 17 yards in distance gains when unleashing the RBZ fairway wood last year, and on the whole, it delivered. Now, the brand is providing golfers with ten more yards per shot compared to the original RBZ thanks to an improved Speed Pocket where a lower and further forward centre of gravity location promotes faster ball speed, higher launch and lower spin.


These are big claims, but when we tested the RocketBallz Stage 2 3-wood against the TaylorMade R1 driver, it was only 25 yards or so less carry, so this is a very powerful 3-wood. If you struggle with your driver and prefer teeing off with a 3-wood then the RBZ Stage 2 will be the answer as the distance gains are more noticeable when the ball is teed up.


The triangle and grey centre shape highlight the centre of the face and also assist with aligning the face. The head is a lovely oversized shape and sits very well behind the ball. The sound and feel at impact is very good. As well as being pretty forgiving, it was easy to shape the ball if you wanted to and for all round performance as a general use fairway wood there was very little to fault.


Other improvements include an aggresive crown design with strong alignment aid, visually appealing racing line colours that we saw with the new Taylormade RocketBladez irons and a stronger and thicker face.

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