Mizuno MX 300 Irons with Innovative Y-Tune Pro Technology

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For most golfers, finding the right set of Mizuno irons should be relatively straightforward. In creating the Mizuno MX 300 irons australia, Mizuno believes it has provided this poor lost soul with a refuge - and then some!


Straddling the gap between the MP and MX ranges, the 300s provide the perfect bridge - offering the looks and feel of a forged iron while delivering the benefits of an undercut cavity. The now-retired Mizuno JPX 800 Irons australia did the job beautifully when it was launched in 2004 and the MX-300s are clearly an updated version of that classic set.


All I can say is WOW. What a superb club, some forgiveness in the longer irons, but you have to be able to consistently strike the ball well. The shorter irons are like butter. I now hit my 6 irons 185yds, which is 20yds longer than the MX-19's. I have Golf Pride multi compound grips fitted, purely for personal preference for when its raining.


If you shoot in the 80's or even low 90's these clubs could very well be for you. I have steel shaft 1 down from stiff as i swing quite strongly, the ball flight is quite high and penetrating. For those stubborn souls who still favour a long iron over a hybrid, they will find the 3- or 4- iron far less intimidating than the butter-knives served up by the MP ranges.


The key to achieving this balance is the make-up of the set. While each club is Grain Flow Forged from a single block of mild carbon steel and featurse a specially-configured ‘Y-Tune' pad behind the face, the long and mid-irons, compared to the short irons are very different. Irons 3-7 have a pocket cavity on the rear of the club that moves 12 grams of weight lower and further back to encourage a higher launch and a tad more forgiveness.


With the dimensions of the MX-300s falling midway between the Miuzno MX-200 irons australia and the Mizuno MP-53 Irons australia, and a level of offset closer to the MP line, these clubs lean closer to the better player market but retain enough of their MX DNA to remain eminently playable. If you want MP performance but don’t quite have the game, this is perfect option.

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