The New Ping G25 irons Live up to the Hype

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With a brand new finish and some key performance changes PING recently released their upgrade to the G series irons with the Ping G25 irons australia.


The first thing you notice about the new g25 irons is the darker finish which I would describe as a cross between the old grey PING iron color and almost black color that gun metal color that some irons have. My guess is that this finish is likely to fade a bit as the irons get used over time, but this will likely give them a bit of character in your bag.


One of the big changes in the G25 irons is the thinner topline at address versus the Ping G20 irons australia. Most golfers appreciate the thinner top line because it puts the focus more on the face of the club and how it frames itself agains the ball. I think the top line fits in middle of the pack compared against other clubs, not as thin as some of blades irons available but thinner than many of the other game improvement irons available.


The face is very traditional and not distracting at all. The last groove in the face is painted white as is tradition with PING clubs. Also the face has the club number engraved into the face, which is a great added feature. The G25 irons have a good deal of offset especially with the longer irons. The G25 irons have less offset in the shorter irons when compared to the G20 irons, but still quite a bit more than some of the other irons I have reviewed.


Because of the larger sole design of the long Ping G15 irons australia at address the 4 and 5 iron the back of the sole can be seen just behind the top line. To some golfers this can be a distraction, but with most golfers now playing hybrids that may no longer be the case. I did not find this a distraction while I was using the irons.


When you go to grab the club out of your bag you will feel the black elastomeric coating that is in there. This is a nice touch which I have not seen on other clubs. I am slightly concerned about the long term stability of the badge where it is put, I am worried it might fall out, but for now it looks great.

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