Donald finally collects cow from Japan win

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Last November, when Luke Donald won the Dunlop Phoenix tournament in Japan, he won the usual trophy and the winner's check of course, but he also won a cow.

The tournament is in Miyazaki, which has a breed of cattle with the same qualities as the ones found in Kobe, and the meat is similarly heralded. The cows get names, are rumored to drink beer and get massaged with sake, and have a high amount of fat that is prized by those who can afford to eventually eat it.

Against all odds, Donald collected his meat prize on Tuesday, nearly a half a year after he won it.

What actually arrived at his house in Chicago and the story of all the wrangling it took to get it, involves one long game of telephone.

Thanks to Donald being known to be quite the foodie, he quickly realized what he had won, but was told soon after that it would be impossible to get the physical cow back to the United States. So he contacted Nick Kokonas, a partner with celebrity chef Grant Achatz at Alinea, one of the most universally acclaimed restaurants in the country.

"I said, 'You got a whole freaking Miyazaki cow?" Kokonas said. "We gotta get this."

Alinea had imported Miyazaki, famous for its meaty flavor and bacon-type fat, into its restaurant before the USDA banned the importing of Japanese beef most recently in 2011. Restaurants pay about $160 a pound for the beef, Kokonas said, but diners, who obviously eat in in smaller pieces, typically pay at least double that.

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