Amazing Titleist MB 712 Irons I've ever owned

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Today I am sharing with you a review of the Titleist MB 712 Irons australia. They are essentially a  forged set of blades, suitable for the more advanced golfer.


The Titleist MB 712 irons australia do look good, the sole has been improved slightly it features a shorter head, which you won’t see from the competitors blades. When standing over the ball the club looks nice, there is zero offset, you are instantly going to feel confident with these clubs. Shots from these irons feel very soft and controlled, the shape of the trajectory is good, a nice true flight, very much what you would expect from a set of Titleist irons.


You won’t get any help from these irons, as with any irons you need to be doing all the hard work yourselves, these aren’t a forgiving set of irons. A thin, but soft top-line and rounder profile create a traditional but contemporary look, whilst a minimal progressive offset improves the set-up appeareance and improves control. Known as the "dog bone", the faceted surface on the back of the 712 MB clubheads is larger in the heel and toe.


Compared to the Titleist AP2 712 Irons australia, the Titleist MB 712 irons have a nicer satin finish that looks a little more contemporary than the previous polished chrome look. The tweaks to the sole design and the heel and trailing edge reliefs do make this a lovely iron to hit, especially from tight lies. It also enables a little more mass to go into the muscle back behind the face for a more solid feel.


To be honest I am not surprised as not only is it a good iron, but also because you need to be highly skilled player to get the most from them. This is a very traditional blade and performs very well provided you hit it out of the middle and this is where things get a little sticky as the sweet spot is quite small and the forgiveness is pretty minimal, so at least you get great feedback on how well or otherwise you have hit it.


I am very impressed with these australia golf online clubs, Titleist have done a great job developing a good looking set of blades which perform beautifully. If you are in the market for a new set of blades then you definitely consider the Titleist MB 712 irons.

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