The Pleasure of Playing the Forgiving Titleist AP2 712 Irons

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I just hit my Titleist AP2 712 Irons australia for the first time and all I can say is wow. It is a multi-material, dual cavity iron that provides modern ball flight and forgiveness with the traditional look, feel, and sound.


The new AP2 712 irons australia features sleeker contours that result in a better address position, and the iron has been improved with internal weighting that utilizes higher density tungsten in order to distribute mass more efficiently which increases the moment-of-inertia (MOI) without changing the CG location or the blade length. The higher MOI provides more consistent ball speed across the clubface and better distance control.


Titleist also improved the control and turf interaction by reducing the sole bounce and adding a smaller sole width on the 8-iron, 9-iron and PW. The Tuned Feel System is a co-molded medallion of soft elastomer and aluminium plate. This tuned cavity insert has been specifically designed to improve the sound and feel of the AP2 irons.


The sound and feel at impact is excellent and the trajectory was not much higher than the Titleist AP1 712 Irons australia. Indeed we could see a lot of single figure golfers using these irons or certainly blending in the longer irons with the shorter irons from the AP1 set. The 712 AP2s are a joy to hit and the True Temper Dynamic XP shaft is light and lovely to use.


Finally, this australia golf online set provides more forgiveness without any loss of workability or shot control. It gives the AP2 player more consistent ball speed over a larger area of the face. The overall goal was to better apply the different materials used in the design.


In my opinion, they are very workable and forgiving. I am very pleased with my purchase. If you want to pay for the Titleist name, just put this irons in your bag.

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