Tiger on Sergio apology: 'There wasn't time'

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ARDMORE, Pa. -- Tiger Woods, trying his best to move on from the controversy with Sergio Garcia, said that there hasn't been time for an apology for the Spanish star's "fried chicken'' comments from three weeks ago.

Woods, speaking Tuesday at a news conference at Merion Golf Club in advance of the 113th U.S. Open, referenced their Monday handshake on the driving range in which it was believed Garcia attempted to set up another time to talk.

"No, we didn't discuss anything. Just came up and said, 'Hi,' and that was it," Woods said.

Asked if Garcia apologized, Woods said: "It's already done. We've already gone through it all. It's time for the U.S. Open and we tee it up in two days."

Woods clarified later that Garcia did not apologize yet, saying "we haven't had time for that."

Garcia met with the media later and confirmed that there wasn't the proper time, although he left Woods a handwritten note and apologized again for the incident, which took place last month at a European Tour function.

Garcia was jokingly asked on May 21 if he would be having dinner with Woods this week at the U.S. Open. In an attempt at humor, Garcia said: "We'll have him 'round every night. We will serve fried chicken."

Such references are viewed as a racial stereotype, and Woods did not take kindly to the remarks, saying on Twitter that they were "wrong, hurtful and inappropriate."

But since then, at both the Memorial Tournament and again Tuesday at Merion, Woods sought to move on -- and Garcia concurred.

"Hopefully he can take a look at it [the note] and, you know, it's a big week and I understand that it's difficult to meet up and stuff," Garcia said. "So hopefully I'll be able to do it. If not, at least he has read the note and he's happy with that."

News from: espn.go.com

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