The Long MP-53 irons Impressed me

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I hit these along with Titleist, among others and had the Tin Cup moment. Of all my best shots with my Irons, none felt better than a crisp strike with these MP-53s. It took me some practice to get consistent.


Introducing the Mizuno MP-53 irons australia featuring a Diamond Muscle design and "V" slot Milled Pocket Cavity™. These irons have the head size, playing profile, and top line to please even the most demanding shotmakers. The small cavity in the longer irons help to get a better trajectory on the long shots. The true blade on the short irons not only allow for shot shaping, but also gives the chance to learn the feel of blades and experiment with shot shaping on shots that will not punish you as much as the long irons.


Honestly, I havE been playing Mizuno MX 300 Irons australia, and playing Mizuno MP-63 Irons australia, I was dubious to say the least when i ordered these irons after a fitting session, a week later I was hitting these, I could not believe the feedback from them when hitting a decent shot and getting a good connection, to see a lower penetrating trajectory compared to my mb 712 irons was unbelievable, I know its probably 70-80% having the correct shaft for your swing, but these felt so much easier to hit, a lovely balanced club.


The CNC milled Pocket Cavity is V-shaped and removes 14 grams of weight that is redistributed around the cavity to produce the largest sweet spot of any MP iron while retaining the versatility that better players demand. The Diamond Muscle design has been created using Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology and works by reinforcing the clubhead from heel to toe and provides excellent feel, control and sound at impact.


The clever 360 degree grind makes the top line and sole appear smaller than it actually is and this enables Mizuno to increase the forgiveness whilst maintaining the appearance we have come to expect from the better player MP irons. The head size to be similar to the Callaway RAZR X Irons australia but the thinner top line and reduced offset looked much better with the MP-53 iron.


I can recommend these to anyone with a handicap of 20 or lower because I was there when I bought these. I believe to get better, you must use the equipment you want to eventually play, otherwise, the forgiveness of the game improvement will never let you hone in on consistent ball striking.

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