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I took these Callaway RAZR X irons australia out and hit them for the first time this weekend and shot my best score ever! I typically shoot in the mid to upper 90's and went out to a golf club which has a slightly more challenging course than where I usually play and shot an even 90.


Most irons today are designed to maximize one specific performance benefit either - distance, forgiveness or feel - while sacrificing all other critical areas needed to hit more greens. Enter Callaway's Razr X iron set, a breakthrough in iron design. Razr technology leads the industry into the next generation of iron play by combining the distance and forgiveness of a wide-sole iron with the playability and turf interaction of a thin-sole iron.


The RAZR X irons australia feature Callaway’s proprietary RAZR Technology, which shifts the centre of gravity lower and deeper in the clubhead, offering increased shot-making from more places on the course. Extensive player research has shown that golfers tend to strike the ball lower on the clubface and these irons are designed for optimal performance on such shots.


The RAZR X irons also contain Callaway’s Variable Face Thickness Power System, with a fully integrated clubface/undercut cavity system that enables the Company’s engineers to precisely position mass properties and design the face of each individual iron for maximum ball speeds on all shots. That's why RAZR Technology is such a breakthrough. This technology leads the industry into the next generation of iron design by delivering the distance and forgiveness of a wide-sole iron while retaining the playability and turf interaction advantages of a thin-sole iron.


The callaway X-24 hot irons australia is aimed at golfers looking to make the jump from being a high handicap to a single digit player. The RAZR technology creates an iron with distance and forgiveness in mind, but with the versatility and look of a traditional thin sole iron. RAZR X irons are also available in multiple set options that allow golfers to integrate the new RAZR X hybrids into the lower end of their set where consistency may begin to drop off.


The australia golf online clubs look good, sound good and have added yards to my shots, dropped my handicap from 15 to 13 since switching. The clubs are very forgiving and I would not hesitate in recommending these clubs to mid-handicappers.

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