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I purchased this TaylorMade R11 driver after testing multiple drivers quite a few times. Had three good range sessions and two on course days with the club and liked it, so i went on with the purchase. I got the tp with a 9 degree and the fugikura blur stiff  tp 65g shaft.


The taylormade r11 is a bit of a hit and miss for some people mainly because of the white face.  I don't own this club I just demoed it. The customization you get on this cheap golf clubs is probably the most you can get on any club at the minute which is a plus. It is nice and forgiving too on off hits and it makes a nice sound. Distance wise it is what you would expect. It won't go miles further than your current driver but a just a noticeable bit.


The college season just ended when i got this club so i had plenty of time to work with it and trust the club. Well its 8 months later and still haven't been able to trust it. I play to anywhere from a +1 handicap to a 1 and on easy swings its good but not long by any way for me, about 265 so i lost about 10-15 yards with a normal swing. Then trying to get a few extra yards is nearly impossible for me. I get a higher ball flight and no roll. I have tried other shaft options nothing has really worked.


With the adjustable sole, you can change the face angle of the club to suit your requirements. You are even allowed to adjust the launch angle, making this driver one-of-a-kind product in the market. With 1,000 RPM backspin change and up to 100 yards of side-to-side trajectory, you receive consistent power while the aerodynamic shape of the driver lends it speed – almost 6 yards more than what you were able to achieve with the taylormade r9 driver.


A unique feature about the R11 is the Flight Control Technology that has 8 different settings for loft. In addition, it also has the Moveable Weight Technology that allows golfers to adjust the trajectory from right to left by a full 25 yards. Finally, with the Adjustable Sole Technology you can tweak the face to be open, closed or neutral depending on what you require during the game. In fact, if you need it, you can very easily create a full 2 degrees of draw or fade.


A combination of these advanced technologies gives you as many as 48 different settings that help customize the driver to a great extent and improve your swing. That’s why professionals as well as amateurs simply love the Taylormade R11s Driver. I really was put of the white head I really don't like it which for me has put me off buying it. It attracts soo much unwanted attention and is a distraction to swing.


Finally, the black clubface and the white non-glare crown provide easy alignment, thereby considerably improving your game.

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