The new Ping's i20 irons raise the bar

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According to Brad Schweigert, Ping’s director of engineering, the Phoenix-based equipment maker has created something special with its Ping i20 irons, which was released on Jan. 1 and offers multi-metal technology in a progressive set design.


The long irons are slightly larger and launch higher, he said, thanks to a vertical Custom Tuning Port that allowed Ping to position the center of gravity a bit further back in this model as opposed to the cheap g20 irons. “But we worked to make sure that as we transitioned to the short irons, which have a thinner top line and a shorter toe-to-heel length, we kept shots at the right trajectory,” he said.


Schweigert said that a tungsten toe weighting system in the 17-4 stainless steel heads of the i20s enhances forgiveness throughout the set and makes it easier for players to shape and control shots, while stabilizing bars work with a slightly thicker clubface to bolster distance control and feel.


Taking a page from Karsten's playbook, PING continues the use of high toe weighting, visible by the distinct toe geometry. This is similar to the design of the Ping Rapture V2 Irons, putting weight in the higher toe which drives up MOI (moment of inertia) because the center of gravity is in the center of the face. To add even more inertia there is a tungsten weight inserted in the low toe for added forgiveness and consistency.


According to Marty and PING, the i20s have a couple more degrees of bounce with the addition of a little smaller camber radius from the front to back. This makes it more rounded from front to back, it also helps the playability of the leading edge. With the i20s lower the center of gravity, the clubhead wants to deflect down into the ground when impacting the ball, so these design changes allow the club to glide through the ground, taking nice shallow divots.


Each of the cheap golf clubs i20 irons comes with what Schweigert calls “foggy chrome” finish and ferrule for a cleaner, more high-performance look. While they will sit in the Ping line between the S56 and G20 models, they’re designed to appeal to golfers of all abilities.


If you're a fan of previous i-series irons, you'll love the i20s. The i20s are noticeably longer heel to toe in the long irons, gradually decreasing in size to the short irons and wedges.

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