Ping Upgrades G25 fairway wood and g25 hybrid

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According to Brad Schweigert, director of engineering for Ping, fairway metals and hybrids also are important parts of the equipment maker’s new cheap G25 irons.


With the fairway metals, the company utilizes an extreme variable thickness face that is designed to produce a more efficient energy transfer and thus, faster ball speeds. At the same time, Ping technicians have moved mass low in the 17-4 stainless clubhead to encourage higher ball launch. They assert that the combination of those factors leads to greater distance.


The Ping G25 fairway wood come with a traditional head shape and boast a charcoal, non-glare finish. They are available in four lofts: 3 (15 degrees), 4 (16.5 degrees), 5 (18 degrees) and 7 (21 degrees). The 4-wood is as long as the 3-wood, and Schweigert describes it as a higher lofted 3-wood that will help players with slower clubhead speed launch the ball better.


The G25 features the thinnest face that Ping have ever put in a fairway wood. By using an extreme variable-thickness face, Ping's R&D team were able to trim weight from the face and place it lower and further back in the club.


In addition, Schweigert said that the G25 clubhead is also made to increase forgiveness, especially on shots hit low on the face, which happens to be where most golfers miss. Combine this with an external sole weight and naturally the club's CG moves lower and further back as well, increasing the club's forgiveness, especially on shots struck on the lower portion of the face (an area Ping claims is the most common 'miss-hit').


Although the new finish makes the G25 look more like the newer Ping g20 fairway wood or Anser fairway woods, it is designed to offer 'G' level forgiveness and launch characteristics, and will add 0.5 to 1mph faster ball speed, than the previous G20 fairway, thanks to the new face design and centre of gravity location.


As for the cheap golf clubs hybrids, which are available in lofts of 17, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees and also come with 17-4 stainless steel clubheads, they feature progressive CG (Center of Gravity) positions through the line to help golfers achieve optimum trajectory and distance with each shot. The CG is lower and further back in the lower-lofted clubs and progresses slightly forward in the higher lofts to help minimize spin and prevent ballooning.


In addition, external sole weighting positions weight low and back and elevate MOI (Moment of Inertia) for greater forgiveness, while generous camber heel-to-toe, as well as sole relief are included for improved playability from all types of lies.

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