Mickelson spotted with new Callaway RAZR irons

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All of the equipment buzz at the Masters this week has revolved around Phil Mickelson's "Phrankenwood," a small-headed Callaway driver that he is using at Augusta to get more roll and more easily shape his tee shots.


In Tuesday's practice round, we snapped photos of Mickelson with new irons in the bag as well --  2013 Callaway X Forged irons that are more forgiving than the Callaway Razr X Muscleback irons Mickelson has played this year.


I started off the season looking for a set of forgiving irons with some pop. In my mid 50's now and have lost some yardage. I really thought the Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons would be the ticket, but found them long but the distance control was too inconsistant. The A7 were very good but I fought with the 6 & 5 irons .


Demo'd the Callaway razr x irons with steel shafts not a fit for my swing, but then hit the reg. flex graphites ... oh now we have something here. I knew I wanted these but took a few rounds to get use to the offset which is abit more than I have played before. Then it clicked , and man it clicked ! Distance control and spot on for accuracy. Hit 15 of 18 greens , hit 2 shots fat ,just didn't have the ball back far enough in the stance.


That’s an awful lot of awards for one company (and one line of clubs) in a single year. In fact, Callaway Golf won more Golf Digest 2012 Hot List medals than any other club manufacturer. That’s why I think Callaway has something going with its cheap X Hot irons. And that’s why we review all the clubs I’ve mentioned above. You’ll find those reviews on other pages of our website – this page is dedicated to discussing the Callaway RAZR X irons.


Callaway Golf has long been known as a company that makes top-rated irons, and its RAZR X irons live up to that strong club-making heritage. Although it’s true that your irons aren’t the most important clubs in your bag (that honor is reserved for your putter), it’s still vitally important to have a good iron game. And part of that involves playing with irons that suit your swing and style of play.


The large sweet spot that’s consistently hot across the clubface also makes the Callaway RAZR X irons forgiving, even on heel and toe shots. You might still be chipping if you miss-hit one of these online golf retailer clubs, but your chip will probably be shorter and easier to get close to the hole. And if you hit it pure, the accuracy of these clubs means your putt will probably be a short one.

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