TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons & Ping G15 irons Review

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TaylorMade Golf and Ping Golf have been making high-quality australia golf online equipment for decades, including the Burner Series and G15 iron lines. These golf clubs are available for purchase online, at most major sporting goods stores and at your local golf pro shop.


Ping G15


Ping G15 irons is a newer rendition of the popular G-Series clubs. As with most Ping iron sets, you can order each individual iron with customized lie angles and other club specifications with the help of a Ping Golf club expert. Each club also features a lower center of gravity for ball loft assistance along with a patented Custom Tuning Port (CTP) that expands the perimeter weighting of the clubface. The clubhead features a dull, metal appearance at address and includes a cavity-back style shape.


Compared to cheap g20 irons, this is a ‘flashy’ design but with all things that are Ping, it just seems to work. The darker color on these clubs was my first experience into what is becoming a popular option in the golf design world. As compared to the traditional chrome finish found on many of today’s irons, the darker finish quickly won me over. Aligning myself to the target line and squaring the club face to the ball was much easier with the contrast between the white (or yellow) ball and the darker club.

Burner Irons


TaylorMade Golf's Burner product line includes various clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, wedges, and iron sets. The most recent TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons features a patented SuperFast Technology that allows you to generate a higher swing speed thanks to a lighter overall club, including lighter shafts and grips. The Burner irons' clubheads feature an Inverted Cone Technology, which TaylorMade suggests expands the clubface area resulting in a reduction of distance-loss on miss-hits. Each club also features a lower center of gravity, which allows you to lift the ball more cleanly off the ground or tee.


Working through the set, I thought they had similar control to the PINGS but with a bit more zip. I also like the fact that each iron has a slightly different mass in that the longer irons are a bit thinner to add distance while the shorter irons are thicker to add control. As for looks, I typically like a nice shiny steel club but I really dig the Taylormade Burner black on the toe and heel, plus the cavity back looks super cool. Again, if you don’t love the looks of a set of irons, don’t buy them no matter what.




In order to benefit the most from your new set of irons next season, speak to a licensed PGA teaching professional or a licensed clubmaker for a customized club fitting. Your specific swing, body shape, and talent level may impact the type of club that will benefit you the most. These clubs get the job done without a lot of extra bells and whistles which is what some golfers are looking for. If that’s you then you’d be missing out on a solid set of irons if these weren’t on your short list.

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