The new TaylorMade R1 driver Gives Golfers a Large Face Area

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TaylorMade launched the R1 by telling golfers that this was their most adjustable driver they had ever made. A golfer can adjust the loft, the face angle, and the shot shape all with a single wrench.This means a golfer can go into their local pro shop and have a clubfitter tune the driver to their swing without having to switch drivers.


The name says it all. The Taylormade R1 driver comes in a single loft and 12 different loft combinations all at once.  Consumers won’t have to decide among a number of options to buy, but instead will be able to ‘tune’ one driver to the loft, face angle, and shot shape they desire. The first step in R1 tuning is centered on loft and the adjustments are made via the adapter at the end of the shaft, which has a few new settings when compared to previous R series drivers.


With adjustable drivers like the R1, loft changes alter face angle. The Taylormade R11 driver was the first TaylorMade driver to offer a sole plate, which is designed to give the consumer the ability to get the face angle back to the position of his or her preference. For the sole plate to work, the driver must be grounded at address.


The additional lofts available in the R1 are because of TaylorMade's new and improved loft sleeve, which allows for adjustability in .5-degree increments as opposed to last year's cheap R11S driver, which allowed for incremental adjustments of 1.5 degrees. The end result? More loft options, meaning golfers can dial down to the exact loft that best fits their swings.


The decision to add more lofts is two- fold for TaylorMade. First, the manufacturer wanted to remedy the 80- percent issue. More lofts means more chances for golfers of varying skill levels to get it right, I suppose. Secondly, the loft options keep the R1 down to one model. That one model can be tuned to fit touring professionals and amateurs, alike.


"The added loft settings are extremely important because of the R1′s lower, more forward center of gravity, as most golfers will underestimate the amount of loft they’ll need for optimal launch conditions. And the face angle adjustability is a necessity as well, because a 1-degree change in loft on the R1 will result in a 2-degree change in face angle."


The other major enhancement to the new cheap golf clubs R1 drivers involve what TaylorMade is calling 'shot-shaping movable weights'. The weights are designed to promote neutral flight or draws.

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