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The 2013 Taylormade RBZ irons are exactly what the amateur golf world has needed. What have all amateurs been looking for? More distance, and irons that are easier to hit- TaylorMade has been able to make this happen.


Taylormade Rocketballz Irons from the 3-iron to the lob wedge, these new irons have earned their name. Engineered with metalwood construction and fast-flexing faces. Attack from anywhere with maximum ball speed and pinpoint accuracy. With the new irons, woods & wedges, Taylormade guarentee that you will hit them further than any other clubs in the market, like cheap Callaway X Hot Irons, cheap g20 irons. With these cavity irons they would be recommended for all handicaps.



1. Thin, fast-flexing face and the COR up to the USGA limit, promotes high ball speed and long distance.
2. Re-engineered face structure with Toe-Bar located at the upper-toe area controls face-flexion to direct shots straightforward for improved accuracy.
3. New vibration and sound control system specially designed for thin-faced irons promotes exceptional feel and sound.
4. ATV soles in Attack, Sand and Lob wedges promote remarkable versatility allowing you to play six key scoring zone shots.
5. Every clubhead is individually engineered to promote the optimum combination of launch angle, ball speed and spin-rate.


For the purpose of my review I hit the top 4 irons available at Golf Town (based on the Golf Digest Hot List for 2013) as if I was your average 21 handicap golfer. This means I didn't fit the club to my swing nor was I sure if the shaft was regular or stiff. The purpose of this blind testing was to eliminate the bias from my opinion.


These cheap golf clubs are astonishing; I hit the 6 iron 208 yards 4 consecutive times with my distance maxing out at 213 yards. The ball jumps off the hot face and launches into the air. The speed slot really did make the difference as my club head speed with my 6 iron went from 97 with to 103 mph.


I highly recommend any amateur in the market for new irons to give these clubs a serious consideration. Also, take the time to get them fit to your swing! Although distance surely isn't the most important thing in golf, these clubs sure can make life easier. Having a 9 iron in your hands instead of an 8 or even a 7- just makes sense.

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