How Do the brand new Ping G25 Hybrid Perform?

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I am 13 handicapper. I was looking for a new Hybrid to replace my Callaway, which I loved. I tried, TM, Anser, Titleist and the new Callaway. A lot of golfers do not like the look of the PING G20 Hybrid, they looks like a thumb. What about the brand new Ping G25 Hybrid, do they look better?


With the Ping G25 Hybrid, the center of gravity (CG) position is lower and farther back in the lower-lofted hybrids and progresses slightly forward in the higher lofts to help minimize spin and prevent ballooning (common in higher-lofted hybrids). Custom engineering of the CG helps to achieve proper trajectories and creates functional distance gaps between clubs.


The G25 hybrid has a traditional shape that is slightly larger, making it more forgiving on mis-hits. It offers enhanced progressive center of gravity positions and a forgiving head design to optimize launch conditions and playability from all types of lies. I like the smaller look, but the G25's will undoubtedly help your game.


The new Ping G25 Hybrid was the only choice for me since I also own cheap Ping G25 Irons. Within the playability 30 days I decided to give the Ping G25 20 degree a try at a local demo day and instantly fell in love with this club. I never liked the look of the old Ping hybrids but this one just fits the bill in every way. The engineering and quality that goes into these clubs are like none other. Hitting with this club is clean and very forgiving.


"It's one of those things where you've still got to play well, but I still felt comfortable with what I was seeing out there (in 2010-11) even though I didn't play well," Woods said. "It's one of those it's hard to explain, but I just feel comfortable seeing the shots here. Still have to execute, obviously, and over the course of my career here, I've done all right at doing that."


They get down to the green in a hurry with nice flight. Only adjustment is that they play a bit right compared to my old cheap Callaway Razr x irons. Stealth matte black head with perfect weighting, not too heavy nor light. Trajectory was ideal and the sound and feel off the face of the club was exactly what I was looking for. I've heard people describe clubs in their reviews as "hard to hit anything but straight" and that's exactly how I feel about this one.


Overall, the G25 was by far the best fit and was the straightest and most consistent. They are outstanding cheap golf clubs that provide plenty of distance and high shots.

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