Trying to keep your head down is not the answer

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SwingFix instructors are some of the best in the world. Their combined experience and expertise rival any collection of teaching professionals anywhere.

These men and women have seen and heard it all through the years, including some really bad golf tips.

We asked several of our top SwingFix instructors for the worst tip they've ever heard.

There were a number of strong contenders, but "keep your head down" got the most votes … and it wasn't really close.

Here's what some of our instructors had to say more specifically about this poor advice:

• “Worst tip? That's easy: 'Keep your head down.' It limits clubhead speed and prevents a proper turn through the ball." – Garrett Chaussard

• "'Keep your head down' is the main reason I have a job. It stops the player from staying connected and is the main cause of several swing faults. When a player keeps their head down past impact, the spine tilts away from the target causing fat and thin shots. Or the arms will go past the player's core and cause pulled shots. Players only need to ‘keep their head down’ on the backswing to stay steady. Let the head release with the ball past impact, and the result will be solid shots that fly to the target." – Bernard Sheridan

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