A Hardworking X Hot Hybrid for mid- and high Handicppers

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I bought this Callaway X Hot Hybrid to replace an older hybrid, and to be honest to have a full set of nothing but Callaways. I was surprised when i first tried the number 4 hybrid that I bought here at the outlet. The club is a bit heavy at first but it hits very well.


It is very reliable from the fairway and a "go to" club from rough. It did not require any break in. I hit 6 balls off the range, put it in the bag and hit it every opportunity I get! I am confident that anyone else will have the same experience. I rated 4 out of 5 but it should be a 4.5. I think there is some room for improvement. The X Hot has a longer shaft due to its reliablity so I think the X Hybrid can beenfit from the same concept.


I plan to practice and play with the number 4 that I just bought and to soon add a number 2 Callaway hybrid to my bag. My 3,4,and 5 irons will be a thing of the past. I am a total fan of Callaway clubs and wouldnt even consider any other brand. For quality, playability, value and for even a little smile as people envy your set of clubs, Callaway is top of the line.


The lines are so clean, the feel is so smooth, and the tolerances are so taut, that I am often left wondering why Callaway ever diverged from the "X" line of cheap golf clubs anyway, unless it was so more and more people would forget about Ben Hogan Golf, and merely associate the Hoganesque Designs with Callaway Golf Proper.


They weren't always sporting the latest technology, or showing off something new and techno-kitschy like the boutique shafts of the day, but they were certainly quality shafts of impeccable build, and tolerances that ran true to flex consistently--shaft after shaft. I have hit several of the Cally X Hot Clubs at different locations--Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, and Irons. The cheap Callaway X Hot Irons is doing a heck of a job of delivering consistency, which in turn allows these clubs to consistently deliver a heck of a lot of distance.


After all, Forgiveness is important to a club that is often referred to as “a rescue club.” It’s nice that this one also has the versatility to be hit from any lie and go by yet another moniker that accompanies this club—“the utility club.”

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