Michael Phelps Likes Playing the new Ping G25

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Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, has agreed to a deal with manufacturer Ping. He likes playing the new Ping G25 driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. “I know how difficult the game of golf is, but I’m really serious about getting better and the experts at Ping have already helped me a lot,” Phelps said in a statement.


The most significant attribute of the G25s is the repositioned Custom Tuning Port (CTP), which has been lowered and aligned directly with the impact area. Schweigert said that enabled the equipment maker to lower the Center of Gravity, so that the irons launch shots easier, while allowing it to increase Moment of Inertia (MOI) for better forgiveness by expanding the perimeter weighting.


Because of his 6-foot-4 frame, Phelps’s cheap ping G25 irons are one inch over standard length, three degrees upright, and with grips that a 1/32-inch over standard size. The clubs are also painted with gold, red, white and blue accents. “These irons offer all the forgiveness the traditional G-Series target audience wants but also have the look and playability lower handicappers desire, as well,” said Brad Schweigert, director of engineering for Ping.


He added that the support bars in the cavity were made to stabilize the 17-4 stainless-steel face to promote a solid feel and better distance control, while a multi-material cavity badge was included to further enhance sound and feel. Schweigert pointed out that the G25s also have progressive sole widths, so that the longer irons are higher launching and more forgiving, while the shorter ones provide more playability and control.


For someone that has not played a PING iron in quite a while, setting up to the cheap Ping G15 irons can be quite a shock to the system. Honestly, I believe PING almost took pride in that statement claiming that they chose brains over beauty. However, the G15s are not ugly. As if the engineers collaborated with an artist to design the club's cavity, the new red, black, and silver color scheme highlights the new Custom Tuning Port. The colors are both subtle and attractive.


Fortunately, I hit the cheap golf clubs using a launch monitor later on in the day and found out that I was hitting the ball about three to five yards farther but was completely wrong about why. If the distance could be attributed purely to the loft decrease, I should have seen a slight decrease in trajectory as well. In fact, the highest handicap player had nearly a three-degree increase in trajectory with the G15s.

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