Hit Down on Your Hybrids

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Just like you should with a middle iron, you want to take a little divot after impact. To do that, you have to shift to your front side as you swing down—that's what makes the divot come after you hit the ball . Set up with the ball a few inches inside your front heel, and pretend you're hitting a 5-iron shot. Make sure your weight gets all the way to your front side as you swing through the ball.


Don't try to sweep the ball—you're not hitting a driver. The instinct to sweep will make you play the ball too far forward and then stay on your back foot as you swing into impact. That usually results in a fat or thin shot. Another thing: Many golfers don't hit hybrids on the range—they grab the driver, a few irons and a wedge. But you should practice with these cheap golf clubs to prove to yourself that you can hit down and produce a high shot. Learn to trust that.


The design of a hybrid makes it easier to slide the clubhead through thick grass and pop the ball into the air. I recommend playing a cut shot from the rough. Open the clubface slightly, then take your grip. Play the ball just forward of center, and align your stance a little to the left. Then break your wrists early going back and shift forward as you swing down and through.

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