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It is known to all, Taylormade rbz driver has been released on February 3, 2012 along with the R11S line of clubs. This is good news for you because it allows TaylorMade to introduce Billy new technology without having to keep the look or feel of an older club design.


TaylorMade states that this new aerodynamic clubhead design will benefit golfers by 2-3 percent over the previous superfast design. It may not sound like much but every bit of clubhead speed will definitely help to improve my game. The shallow face of the standard Rocketballz driver makes it easier to get the ball into the air and provides additional draw spin.


The most prominent tenability feature is TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology. This feature allows you to change you launch angle 1.5 degrees in either direction, providing a 3 degree total range of flexibility. Just like the cheap Taylormade R11S driver, this driver’s FCT adjustment happens where there driver head and shaft connect allowing for easy adjustment and refinement. Being an average player, I use a slightly higher than normal loft.

They claim the contrast between the white head and black face allows for easy alignment at address. They use a matte white finish to eliminate hotspots and glare. The white club head is supposed to visually look larger than other competing color options, giving you more confidence at address.


The RBZ has a slightly better aesthetic with the green accents and visually smaller club head. The driver has a great feel to it. TaylorMade has thought through ever feature on this club. It is adjustable enough to make it fit your skill level and swing without the price tag of the cheap TaylorMade R11s Fairway wood. The weight of the club and aerodynamic head design give it a great swing feel.


What a difference, it was like chalk and cheese. The cheap golf clubs head seems so easy to control during the swing, and along with the more traditional shaped head, the RBZ just seems better in every way. The forgiveness in the Rocketballz is a delight to a 16 Hcp golfer like myself, my fairway % off the tee has gone from 38% to 52% and my Hcp has dropped 2 from 18 when I bought the Rocketballz in July 2012. The black face is a great guage as to where you are connecting with the ball as it leaves an inprint of the ball on contact.


The Rocketballz driver is getting a lot of buzz for a good reason. It is an excellent driver for the price. I recommend purchasing this new driver.

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