Add the Ping G20 fairway wood in your ‘must-try’ list

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I'm a fairly new golfer and I only hit 3 Wood out of the box, no driver in my bag. Ping G20 Fairway Wood has a large club face so that high golf ball speeds can be achieved consistently across the club face to give good carry.


The crown is a metal flaked gray finish with a large alignment aid and the bottom is an extremely shiny chrome finish with black and red accents. The head on the G20 is fairly large in appearance at 164cc, but much of that is since it is a fairly flat and shallow fairway wood. The stainless steel head is larger from front to back than the cheap G15 Fairway Wood and has a larger (by 3.5 percent) variable-thickness face. The by-product is higher-trajectory shots, more forgiveness and an improved ability to maintain consistently high ball speeds across the hitting area.


I found that I had a hard time missing to the right with the G20. I almost had to force the issue, though missing right isn’t really common for me these days. My directional miss was mostly to the left, but for the most part this was a club that wanted to stay straight for me.


The shaft in your pitching wedge is far too short to let you hit the ball any great distance. The length of the shaft also influences your ability to square up the clubface and hit the ball straight. The driver has the longest shaft of the set. Because of its length, you stand further away from the ball than you do with any other club. This may cause the club to swing too far around you on the backswing (inside) and may make it difficult to square up the club at impact.


The greater loft in your cheap Ping G25 Fairway Wood also helps your accuracy when compared with a driver, and understanding this is also helpful. Let's say, that our 3-wood has twice the loft of your driver. When hit squarely, your 3-wood will have twice as much backspin. This is dominant spin. Now, let's say you slice across your 3-wood 10 percent. The ball will have some sidespin, but it will have a lot of backspin, so it goes fairly straight.


I felt the feel of the G20 was pretty responsive in that I was well aware when I hit a clean shot. The sound of well struck shots was a bit muted with a nice, high-pitched ‘ping’. I really enjoyed the sound and found myself wanting to hear it over and over. The new 3 wood has a slight draw trajectory but can be worked either way if desired. I hit the club in the neighborhood of 250yds and for being over 50 years old that is good for me.


In all, the G20 fairway wood is one of the more attractive cheap golf clubs I’ve seen from PING. If I could change one thing it would be the size of the alignment aid, but it’s a pretty minor issue for me.

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