Ping G25 driver is similar to the G20 driver

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This year Ping launched the amazing new G25 range. It is a follow up to the PING G20, which has become well known as an extremely forgiving cheap golf clubs.


PING has added adjustability to the G25 with a half degree loft above or below the stated loft. The head is a standard 460cc with a traditional shape at address and a nice v-shaped alignment mark up top. The G25 is available in 4 lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. For this test, I started with a 9.5 head and the stiff flex shaft.


The Ping G25 driver offers meaningful adjustability to help all golfers optimize their trajectories without sacrificing the performance that’s often lost in bulkier hosel designs. Ultra-thin crown technology in the deeper profile, 460cc Ti 8-1-1 head distributes weight to the perimeter, positions the CG lower and farther back than any PING driver to date, and increases MOI. Structural reinforcements in the crown, sole and skirt provide a solid feel and sound.


The G25 comes with a very good TFC189 shaft that is the same wieght as the previous TFC169 at 58 grams in the stiff flex we tried. It's stability seemed good although for some reason it did feel a little heavier when swinging the club even though everything else is the same. These are all small changes to improve the performance of the club, but unfortunately it does not do much for the sound which as a result of the new shape is a little more piercing than before.


There are some sublte changes to the head shape of the G25 driver from the cheap Ping G20 driver. It is slightly longer front to back and now looks a a fraction triangular. It is also taller at the face and the sole weight at the back is less pronounced and not as tall.


The cheap Ping G20 driver has a slightly wider face than the cheap G15 driver and at address. It comes with Ping's own TFC 169D shaft that seems a little more stable than in the past thanks to the higher kick point and feels quite powerful. There is also a Tour version of the shaft that will give you a lower trajectory and this will be excellent for those with higher swing speeds, so make sure you get custom fitted as the combination of shaft and loft will be important.


G20 launches shots 0.75 degrees higher than cheap ping k15 driver, with 200 rpm less spin and 1 mph faster ball speed on center hits, which adds up to five yards more carry and roll. So if you are going to walk into most golf stores you are going to see the Ping G20 with a variety of lofts with basically the stock shaft as the only option, the Ping TFC 169D either standard or tour.

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