Callaway Unveils X Hot hybrid and irons

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All golf companies are looking for the hot new innovation or technology to help players hit further, straight and play better golf. Well, Callaway has released X Hot hybrid and irons.


The Callaway X Hot irons will take over from the RAZR family of irons, designed to provide distance gains for amateurs and professionals. The key change in the X Hot iron lies underneath the surface, Callaway's Deep Undercut Cavity Design, and powerful Speed Frame Face.


You may have heard of the Speed Frame Face Technology. Callaway have incorporated the technology, previously used in their drivers, to make the face of the X Hot irons stiffer, creating a more efficient energy transfer to the ball. The stiffer, faster face design means more distance and speed, even on off-centre strikes.


The Callaway X Hot irons are all about more distance. The styling is reminiscent of the cheap Razr X irons and all the previous generations of Callaway's most forgiving irons, so there are no surprises there. The faces did feel a bit hotter and the feel was still very good. They were also very forgiving and the generous offset hosel will help here.


Similar to the other metal woods in the X-Hot line, the cheap Callaway X Hot Hybrid features a matte gray paint job on the crown. It functions to separate the line visually from other clubs in the market without standing out so much that it drives away golfers with more conservative style preferences.


In terms of size, the X-Hot’s head lies in the middle between small and large. It’s a good blend that provides confidence from a number of lies. It’s moderately offset, which may turn off some golfers, but I never found that to be an issue. At impact, the X-Hot Hybrid emits a classic ‘crack’ that I found tremendously pleasing to my ears. It’s mostly void of the high-pitched metallic sound that some cheap golf clubs produce.


The sole of the X-Hot added another element of forgiveness in that it glided well on heavy misses. Rather than dig into the ground and completely sap distance, it slid more into the ball. While the result was still a shorter than normal shot, it wasn’t penalized as badly as it could have been.


Those people looking for a higher ball flight to increase their carry distance would be wise to take a look at this line, as I think they could see some substantial distance with the right configuration.

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