Ping G25 Fairway Wood & G15 Fairways Review

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Ping have moved from the conventional shiny look to a mat black finish throughout their drivers, fairways & hybrids. With the fairway metals, the company utilizes an extreme variable thickness face that is designed to produce a more efficient energy transfer and thus, faster ball speeds.


The Ping G25 Fairway Wood has a shallow head and this aids in getting the ball up in the air a lot easier than a deep head. The G25 is offered in a 3, 4, 5 & 7 wood variants with a stock shaft. One would’ve thought that the G25 Fairway Woods would have quite a big head as the driver is that way inclined, but in fact it’s a lot smaller relatively speaking and exceptionally good looking; one would probably find more of the better players and tour players using this rather than the Anser or Cheap Ping G20 fairway wood.


The Ping G25 fairway wood comes with a traditional head shape and boast a charcoal, non-glare finish. They are available in four lofts: 3 (15 degrees), 4 (16.5 degrees), 5 (18 degrees) and 7 (21 degrees). The 4-wood is as long as the 3-wood, and Schweigert describes it as a higher lofted 3-wood that will help players with slower clubhead speed launch the ball better.


As far as color combinations go, red and black have seemed to be the rave for the past few years and PING joins in with their offering on the cheap Ping G15 Fairway Wood. Even though the G15 boasts an elongated head, I never felt that I was looking down at a mini-driver. It seems pretty subtle and based upon performance really isn't an issue at all.


Ping g15 fairway woods have a low profile design for an improved forgiveness and playability suitable for all conditions. This is ideal for golfers who want a larger head for their club as this has a long, forgiving option. With its external weight pad on the sole of the stainless head steel, its CG is positioned low and farther back for higher trajectories and for an improved distance.


Regardless of being in the light rough or the fairway, the sole interacts with the ground smoothly and the distance was pretty impressive. The G15 makes going for par five's in two a whole lot more entertaining. The G15's forgiveness factor is rated as Extreme and I could not agree more. There is some workability in it to be sure but I found the G15 primarily wants to go straight.


In conclusion, I've been using the same three-wood for the past three years. I've been quite impressed with the results I got with the Ping Fairway wood and if you're in the market for a new fairway wood, I would highly recommend adding them to your list.

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