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With the current discussions about businesses reinventing themselves, Ping has to be near the leading of that list. Between the radical designs, beautiful traces on irons & woods and the \"murdered out\" matte black, Ping is bringing it. The Ping G25 Driver put forgiveness, length and simplicity-of-use all important watchwords into one.


What I love most about this driver is how it seems to encourage a smooth swing which gets the ball out there nicely. At address, the G25 looks injects bags of confidence. No silly patterns or annoying gimmicks. Just a clean, sinister-looking crown that also eliminates irritating glare and reflections from the sun. The 460cc head also features a variable-thickness face for maximum forgiveness and faster ball speeds.


There is an consumer pointing out: The launch monitor verified what i felt and listened to--solid, straight, great trajectory and excellent distance. My average drive with the G25 was equal to my very best with the cheap TaylorMade R1 Driver. But the appear, audio and really feel were far much more pleasing than any of the other clubs i tried. After some experimenting with different lofts, I was in a position to consistenly hit drives on line about 10-fifteen yards longer than my average with my old driver.


PING largest-profile, most forgiving head design. Golfers can optimize launch circumstances for optimum length via a lightweight, aerodynamic adjustable-hosel style utilizing Trajectory Tuning?Technology. With a PING wrench, golfers can include or subtract 1-fifty percent degree of loft to the eight.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 heads.


I favored the appear at deal with--ideal stability of size and shape with the classic black. The weight and stability had been a lot much more to my liking than the R1, but you could feel the club during the swing in contrast to other drivers giving more of a sense of control. Im hitting it straighter than the cheap Ping G20 Driver and my misses arent that much off line. I really feel like im getting every thing i should out of this driver.


The face on the G25 is even bigger than that on the G20 that preceded it, and variable thickness throughout the face assists the ball leap at influence. It is driven by the innovative TFC 189D, a light-weight, high-stability-stage shaft created specifically for the G25 driver. This shaft produces increased clubhead momentum at impact, which prospects to higher ball velocity and forgiveness. A charcoal non-glare finish assists with alignment, removes reflections, and inspires confidence.


Overall, PING has created a dark and moody but highly forgiving driver which looks and feels as if it could be the answer to most golfers' problems off the tee. More cheap golf clubs are offered in shop online.

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