Smooth Mizuno MP-53 Irons is Great

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I had always heard mizuno irons had the best "feel". This Mizuno MP-53 Irons is my first set of forged clubs, and let me tell you in my opinion this is absolutely true.


These irons feel solid, smooth, and responsive at impact. You will feel a mis-hit in your hands as you will with all forged clubs, but the forgiveness in these irons will suprise you. A slight mis-hit still produces a decent shot. The look is clean and classic, and you do not see any of the cavity at address. I ended up with dynamic gold s-300, and went 1 degree down on the lie to help reduce my draw.


I believe that Mizuno makes some of the best golf products in the business. I was in the market for new irons and I was testing out the new cheap Mizuno MP-63 irons. The clever 360 degree grind makes the top line and sole appear smaller than it actually is and this enables Mizuno to increase the forgiveness whilst maintaining the appearance we have come to expect from the better player MP irons.


The diamond muscle design on the back of the head did increase the sweet spot about 1cm in each direction to make it bigger than the MP-52 iron it replaces and even the MX-300, making the MP-53 irons are much more forgiving than any MP iron we had tried before. Mizuno have also worked hard on the sound feedback and this is very good as always.


The MP-53 lofts are the same as the cheap Mizuno MP-59 Irons in the 3-5 irons and one degree stronger from 6-iron to PW. The grooves on the face conform to the 2010 condition of competition regulations. The cavity in the long and mid irons may not appeal to all, but it is well hidden at address and is closed on the shorter irons so all you see is the better playing iron.


To my surprise the ball came off the clubface solid with a nice little click sound. The sound was different from Mizuno musclebacks but it gave positive feedback and feel after each shot. It was also easier for me to work the ball without being punished for slight mistakes. These cheap golf clubs provide the best great distance, great feel and steady workability.


Undoubtedly, I now have the MP-53 irons in my bag and I am delighted to try it. These clubs can rellay give confidence on every shot. The Mizuno MP53's are great irons.

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