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My friends always called me a "driver butterfly", because I always go from one to the next in the search of the perfect tee shot.I fall in love cheap TaylorMade R11s Driver at the first sight,everything I hoped for and more, the driver was delivered on time and as expected.
TaylorMade R11s Driver for sale has been launched successfully in the market when TaylorMade Corporation is in the process of introducing and promoting the rescues or the hybrids. Drivers are also known by their old name woods. The name was given to the clubs because previously golf clubs were made from wood and the tradition is still not over. The woods also known as fairway drivers are designed to hit long distance shots.
They are biggest or largest in size having a large head, long shaft and a great club speed which is more than any other club in the bag. The woods are 3 to 4 in a golf bag varying in sizes and the largest one is called the driver. The clubs were in the beginning made up of branches which were broken from trees to play golf. With the passage of time these clubs were given a polished shape and were made up of different woods i.e. maple, apple wood, purple wood, lemonwood, blue-mahoo and Persimmon etc soon the material to make the clubs was changed to titanium and platinum which slowly was replaced by carbon fiber but the name remained unchanged.
A clubhead shape that is intended to suit the eye of better players, while still providing forgiveness and confidence for average players. TaylorMade says the head boasts a contemporary, slightly more triangular appearance than traditionally shaped drivers.Although similar to the TaylorMade R11 driver, it features a flat-white crown color and black PVD face to improve alignment and accuracy off the tee.They also provides even more adjustability. It's an evolution from the original technology rather than a complete redesign.
At address the Taylormade R11S driver looks excellent with a nice rounded head and the white colour scheme that TaylorMade have almost trademarked does help you line up easily. At 460cc, TaylorMade says the R11S Driver is adjustable to 80 different launch settings, including adjusting the loft to five different settings, three-quarters of a degree at a time; changing the face angle up to plus-or-minus six degrees; and moving the center of gravity location enough to effect up to 20 years of side-to-side trajectory change. Tuning, you can independently tune loft, face angle and flight path your swing.
Since purchasing the Taylormade R11S driver, I have been very satisfied. This driver is versatile, adjustable, and preforms well. It long off the tee. I can cut or fade shots easily. I also have the TaylorMade R11s Fairway wood and hybrid.A great addition to my golfbag. Easy to hit and 15 to 20 yards added distance. I reccommend as a must have club.This driver is super easy to hit long straight drives.

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