Mizuno Muscle Back MP-69 Irons with 4D Technology

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I'm a 9 hcp and having fun with these great Mizuno MP-69 Irons. It is the first Mizuno iron to feature 4D Muscle Design.


Now Mizuno engineers are pretty smart guys, but they’re likely not men of whimsy, so you can bet the progressive design of the MP-69 wasn’t done just for the hell of it. The primary feature of the design is that allows for a thinner muscle towards the top of the long irons (lower COG, aids in higher launch, etc.), and thicker muscle on the top of the short irons (higher COG, increased feel, and control).


The MP-69s I tested were no different in that respect, and that’s exceptional considering my sample set was outfitted with Project X 6.0 shafts. The good news is that in addition to tried and true DynamicGold shafts, Mizuno now offers both KBS Tour and KBS C-Tapes, so assuming they’re a good fit for you, you can probably squeeze even more feel out of them.


Unlike cheap Mizuno MP-64 Irons on the market today, the lines on the MP-69 are soft, and flow perfectly. There’s not a single harsh edge anywhere in the set. The slight depression where Mizuno is stamped, a signature of Mizuno’s blades, adds a little definition to an already stunning muscle back design.


Mizuno lists a handicap range on their website for who they feel will most benefit from a set such as these and they do keep that number pretty low. For the MP-59 set it is up to a 13 index and for the MP-69 set, it is up to a 7. I normally do not put much stock into a handicap deciding what iron one should play, but feel as though after testing these, the Mizuno guide is fairly close if we are basing it on handicap equals ball striking.


Both sets offer a penetrating mid ball flight that works extremely well in almost all conditions with the MP-69s flying just a bit lower than that of their slightly more forgiving counterparts. The leading edge of both sets offer just enough roundness as to not come in too sharp and be prone for digging and combine that with the versatility it offers to hit large varieties of shots in any condition.


The cheap Mizuno MP-59 irons offers some perimeter weighting and that overall mass in areas other than the balance point will in fact assist you when your shot strikes the heel or toe as well as higher up on the club face. Both irons had wonderful feel and elegant good looks that seem to stick in your mind.


That said, if you’re looking for a club that allows you to move the ball right to left, or left to right to varying degrees, the MP-69 can absolutely get the job done. I had absolutely no trouble moving the ball in either direction, and varying the trajectory with the MP-69s.

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