Callaway Razr Fit Driver got remarkable success

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The Callaway Razr Fit Driver is one of the clubs I felt like we absolutely had to own, it is unbelieveable.I tried many drivers over the yearsand this is the one of the best yet.So I decied to switch from a Ping G15 Driver to the it. After several round,it added yards and hitting it where you want is an eye opening experience. 
Callaway’s highly anticipated foray into adjustable driver technology leads us directly to RAZR Fit. Made of forged composite and titanium, the sleek looking RAZR Fit offers a simple, straightforward approach to adjustability.The RAZR Fit Driver for sale combines Forged Composite and OptiFit Technology to make Callaway's first adjustable driver. Every major golf club manufacturer is trying to beat the other one and that is usually accomplished by being the first at doing something. Whether it’s offering high end shafts as a stock feature, coloring the club head something, or offering 1,000 different adjustability options in a club; everyone wants to be the first to be that trend setter.
Sometimes this works and sometimes not so much. Other times a company just sits back, bides their time, and does massive amounts of research to create a technologically simple club.Callaway spent years developing this driver and unveiled it to the golf world earlier this year and it was immediately immersed in hype and fanfare. THP received one and yours truly was extremely excited to see it arrive for my testing pleasure.The RAZR Fit comes with a 12-gram weight in the toe area and a 2-gram weight in the heel, but using the same torque wrench, the weights can be switched to increase the draw bias of the club.
In addition to being Callaway's first adjustable driver, the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver is also the first driver to feature Callaway's newest face, which is dubbed "Speed Frame." It's an optimization of the hyperbolic face pattern than Callaway has been using for several years, but the company says it should help golfers maintain more ball speed when they hit outside of the sweet spot.
Oveerall,I really like how the cheap RAZR Fit Driver has some weight to it in the bottom of the clubhead, good feel to it. This driver is very simple to use. You don't have to worry or go thru the drill in your mine to hit the drive in the fairway whith distance. The adjustments are easy to make and the affect on ball flight is readily apparent. The club face is wonderful providing a large sweet spot, making the ball disappear with good contact. Can't expect anything more than that.

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