The G20 fairway wood Sets up Neutral at Address

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Ping G20 has a larger head and face to help improve forgiveness and add confidence. An external weight port low and back in the head should help to launch the ball high without adding too much spin. The face is also shallower to make it easier to hit from a variety of lies.


The Ping G20 fairway wood is the most improved club in the Ping G20 range compared to the G15. The look at address and the impact sound are both excellent. The introduction of a Tour shaft will suit those with faster swing speeds who want to keep spin down. The new weight port in the back of the head produces a slightly higher launch compared to previous models without adding too much spin.


Pros -

    Playability: High, repeatable flight goes straight and lands softly on greens; easy to use off tight lies or teed up; moves shots in both directions.
    Accuracy/Forgiveness: Superior forgiveness—shots fly straight and don’t veer wildly off-course; some draw-bias minimizes fades.
    Distance: Some testers say it’s consistently longer than others; mishits wind up as shots you’d play all day.
    Feel: Definite differences between solid hits and mis-hits; sweet-spot hits feel effortless, mis-hits aren’t overly harsh.
    Look: Head sits very low to the ground, letting you know that the ball will get up; easy-to-see alignment aid


The Ping G20 fairway wood will suit anyone who wants a forgiving wood to use from the fairway.The stainless steel head is larger from front to back than the G15 and has a larger (by 3.5 percent) variable-thickness face. The by-product is higher-trajectory shots, more forgiveness and an improved ability to maintain consistently high ball speeds across the hitting area.


Though the face is shalllow, similar to the old Orlimar Tri-Metal series, it is wider than the g15 driver for sale. It's not as clunky as the K15, even though it too sports an external weight for lower CG and greater MOI. Seems to me that the Ping K15 Driver's are a tad clunkier as their 3,5, and 7 Wood Heads come in at 199cc's, 192 cc's, and 189 cc's respectively. These, however,come in at a much more svelte 165, 159, and 152cc's respectively.


I think Ping has gone out of their way to make this latest G-Series line of clubs a very impressive lineup indeed.  Now the G20's have not only the improvement in the quality and construction of the graphite, but they also feature counter weighted butt sections.

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