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I purchased these Mizuno MP-58 irons last year to replace my MP-60s both of which had Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. I really liked the 60s but find these to be a little more forgiving with similar workability not to mention great much better looking at address and in the bag.


It is a nice mix of both modern and classic designs.  It has a monochromatic color scheme that flowed seamlessly together. And the actual design itself was incredibly sound. And after my first bucket of balls these irons without a doubt got my approval as being the best iron set I have tested in a long time.


From the top and the face of the club, it is very hard to distinguish the MP-58 from nearly any other blade out there. It has a thin top line at address similar to my current blades. Also the size is very similar. If anything, the MP-58s are slightly larger. The good thing is that it is barely noticeable and has no effect on the feel of the club.


Comparing to cheap Mizuno MP-63 Irons, MP-58 irons is just feel good. I have always like a sole with a rolled leading edge a flat mid-sole and a rolled trailing-edge. This type of sole design helps tremendously from all kinds of lies. And for the guys that are concerned with the groove issue. You don’t have anything to worry about because the MP-58′s have modified U-grooves.


I spent about 45 minutes going through a normal range session and swapped in and out the 695s and the MP-58s. I started with the wedge and worked my way up to the long irons. The shorter irons were where you could feel the softness the most, but it didn't affect the performance one bit. The ball had a slightly higher launch angle but the distance was nearly identical.


If you are able to test these side-by-side with other competitive irons you will instantly notice how much more feedback you get in your hands with the Mizuno MP-58 irons. You will also notice a much softer feel then other forgings you might have played. And if you are a mid-handicapper don’t think that this set might not be for you. Many of the players we had test these irons were in the mid-handicap range and all agreed that they were improvements on their current irons.


Overall, the MP-58 irons are the best I have seen and that is the reason they have found spot in my bag.  They definitely get my approval and if you are in the market for some new cheap golf clubs, I would highly recommend giving them a try.


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