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I have been out of the game for 2 years. When I came back I found literally I was starting from scratch. I tried a few common irons for what my game once was and the result was horrible .When I picked up the RAZR X Irons for sale.They had a very pleasing look, and quite a nice feel. I was able to hit these with relative ease . Seeing how erratic my swing is now I was still able to hit some shots that were safe . Shots that I put a decent swing on went surprisingly far with less effort. With 10 extra years on the body and a mind ready to continue where I left off 2 years ago ,there will be a transition.
RAZR X irons feature a lower, deeper center of gravity and a consistently hot face for distance and accuracy. In head-to-head tests, the new RAZR X Irons are 56% more accurate than a competitor’s iron that chases distance at the cost of accuracy. Tighter Shots, Shorter Putts, Lower Scores.
Designed for professional golfers, the Callaway RAZR X irons offer distance, flexibility, and control. It adopts RAZR technology that shifts the center of gravity by redistributing weight and provides power and forgiveness of a wide-sole iron with precision. The refined VFT face and high-definition undercut cavity of the Callaway RAZR X results in consistent speed of the ball and ensures accuracy even on miss-hits. The standard combo set of these Callaway irons come with two hybrids and six consecutive irons that are useful for increasing distance and forgiveness. Enjoy your game with this high-performance iron set.
RAZR Technology shifts the center of gravity 12% lower and 15% deeper by redistributing 30 grams of weight in the back cavity; providing the power and forgiveness of a wide-sole iron with the precision and playability of a thin-sole iron.A refined VFT Face and High-Definition Undercut cavity are tailored to each individual iron. The result is more consistent ball speeds across the face for more distance and accuracy, even on miss-hits.
The Callaway Razr X are outstanding.In fact, I have tested eight sets of irons, ranging from Titleist AP1 712 Irons to Mizuno MP-63 Irons. The RAZR X was not the longest in the bunch, but, won hands down in the distance,accuracy.Solid head design, with in my opinion, the best sole interaction with various lies I have ever found in a clubhead.To sum it up, these sticks are not hype, they are the real deal. I can see some good rounds in my future and I would give these clubs a lot of the credit.

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