Improved setup, improved swing

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It is crucial to have the correct setup to succeed in the golf game. Here are some tips to help improve your setup:

• Your feet should be wider than your shoulders.

• Your trail shoulder should be lower than your lead shoulder.

• If you put an extender out the end of the grip end of the club it should go right through your belt line.

• Your back needs to be flat, do not round your back at address.

• Your toe line, knee line, hip line and shoulder line should all be parallel.

And a couple of final thoughts this week to help you with your ball-striking:

• At impact, the shaft of the Titleist AP2 712 Irons should be leaning slightly ahead of the clubhead. If they are on the same plane, you’re adding more loft to the club and losing distance.

• Use a book to improve your swing plane. Grab a book as if it was a club and make a practice backswing. The book should create a straight line toward your trail shoulder. This is a good tip you can use literally anywhere.

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