Why Luke Donald Prefer to Add MP-64 Irons into his bag?

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Mizuno has released their latest iron for the better player, the MP-64 irons. Luke Donald has had this club. He says it has very similar look & feel of the MP60 and takes almost no time to get used to them.


With feel being priority number one, Mizuno once again turned to its Harmonic Impact Technology to optimize the sound and feel of the club at impact. This is important because much of what a player interprets as feel is the sound that the club makes at impact. While feel was priority 1A for these clubs, control was 1B.


Over the years, Mizuno has employed a number of different muscle designs including the cut muscle, dual muscle, and diamond muscle. With the MP-64 irons, Mizuno has elected to continue with the diamond design, going with what they call the Diamond Muscle Pad in the cavity of the club. The Diamond Muscle Pad coupled with the Progressive Flow Cavity design allows for the club to have the feel and control of a blade while adding a little bit of forgiveness.


Esthetically, I find these clubs to be simply amazing. If you have read any of the other reviews I've written, you'll know that I'm a fan of sleek and simple designs. These clubs are exactly that. The irons have a beautiful mirrored finish with only three markings on the back of the club; "Mizuno" appears along the top of the club and inside the cavity. To me, these clubs look like cheap Mizuno MP-63 Irons.


For me, the MP-64 heads with these shafts give me the trajectory that I'm looking for when I make solid contact. The ball comes out nice and high, but it doesn't balloon on me. With the long irons I get just a little bit of rollout as opposed to the scoring irons which drop and hop forward just a little bit. Hitting say a 9 iron into the green will normally leave the ball within a few yards of the ball mark.


As my first set of true Mizuno player's irons, I was just a little afraid that these clubs were possibly a bit over hyped. I find that if I play on consecutive days or have put in the time practicing that I have no problem playing these australia golf online clubs. However, taking a week off or so and trying to come back to these has been punishing at times. I was afraid that when combined with the head of the MP-64s I might struggle getting the ball up into the air high enough when using long or mid irons.


I strongly recommend this set of clubs for any beginner to 80+ player. These clubs are just enough forgiving to let you play, but responsive enough to provide immediate feedback of any good or bad swings.

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